Trinity Institute

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Approach to Mental Health Issues...

  TI clinicians seek to encourage, guide and transform motivated people, especially the hurting body of Christ.

  TI clinicians partner with people as instruments of His healing power, to optimize health - body, mind and soul - through Christ-centered, competent and compassionate care.

  TI clinicians begin with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, including:

- Clinical interview

- Psychological testing measures

- Physical examination

- Laboratory testing

- Diagnostic imaging

  This allows us to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis. We have found many of the patients who come to us have been misdiagnosed and subsequently received ineffective treatment. Our treatment approach is directed by an accurate diagnosis.

  TI clinicians utilize the best evidence-based treatments for the specific diagnoses of each patient. Our treatments include:

- Fitness

- Nutrition

- Osteopathic manipulative treatment

- Medications

- Psychotherapy  

- Prayer and application of biblical principles

  Each patient receives an individualized treatment approach, targeting the root cause of each condition, instead of just treating the patient’s symptoms.

  Since patients pay directly for our services, our goal is to provide highly competent, effective, short-term care. We have found this keeps both our clinicians accountable to provide high-quality, efficacious care as well as our patients to actively participate in treatment and own their health.

  In the end, our patients get better faster, stay healthy and do not require our services long-term.

  Does this sound like the kind of care you have been looking for? If so, contact us.